5 Ways To Get You Some Sis!

woman wearing white sleeveless lace shirt
Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

Let’s be honest we all could use a little extra tender loving care-how we decide what care we need and how we get it can vary.  Here are 5 ways to get you some of whatever it is that you need.

  1. Book an appointment!  I grew up watching my mother heal, soothe and love on women during their hair appointments.  She would provide a listening hear and offer the Bible, her taser or shank-to help women push through whatever was ailing their minds.  I witnessed women release their tears while having their hair shampooed or vent as their hair was rollered set.  In the end, they left my mother’s shop empowered, fulfilled and beautiful!  Book an appointment to get your hair or your nails done.  Get a massage or better yet, sign up for a 1-hour therapy session!
  2. Go Where You Are Welcomed!  I have found that when I attend a worship service at a church I’ve never been to, the people are so welcoming.  I am greeted with a warm smile.  I am escorted to my seat and most of the time I am giving some type of welcome kit or informational pack.  Even though I am a stranger to the congregation, the efforts that are extended to make me feel welcomed are just what I  need to carry me through.  Try it and see just how loved you will feel.
  3. Do Nothing!  Some of us literally have our time accounted for down to the very minute from the time our eyes break open until we finally lay our weary bodies down.  That time is often delegated to needs outside of us:  our job, children, significant others, our homes, and businesses.  We are busy and productive, but little of that time is conducive to the refilling of ourselves.  It’s not until we snap, become physically sick or emotionally overwhelmed that we realize that we are doing too much!  This is our cue to do absolutely nothing at all or the bare minimum.  Unplug or log out.  Make the kids fix their own food or order takeout.  Binge watch a new series. Sleep, read-whatever is the opposite of your normal to-do’s.  The world can wait.
  4. Get Creative!  I am pretty sure that if you googled it, you would find research that supports the health benefits of activating creative outlets.  There is something about standing in the kitchen with the music blasting, broom in hand while belting out a Whitney Houston classic that renews my strength.  Whenever I am writing a steamy noir or playing around with my makeup, I feel relieved.  Engaging in creativity activates a part of our brains that is connected to pleasure.  The more we engage, the more we feel pleasure. That increase in pleasure is the release of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that sends signals to our nerve cells which plays a major part in our happiness triggers.  Whip out your crayons, lip-sync like nobody’s business. Just create!
  5. Give and Receive Affection!  Did you know that kissing and hugging can have tremendous health benefits?  Google it.  If you have a significant other, share a passionate kiss in an unexpected place or at an unexpected time. I have been known to kiss the hubs in aisle 10 of the grocery.  Like, tonguing him down!  We hold hands and flirt until we just can’t stand it.  No significant other?  Hugs from kids, holding a baby or petting animals have render the same calming and centering results.  The exchange of affection has a way of assuring that all in the world is not lost.  That connection within showing and receiving affection reinforces our humility and that in itself brings us back into alignment with love for ourselves and others.

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