Time to Give Up

By Traci Chanel I had an epiphany (gosh I love this word) around day 36 of #QwnSzn and it was this:  sometimes you gotta know when to give up.  I know. It sounds weird coming from me as I believe in the power of just do it and doing it anyway, but I'm not exactly talking... Continue Reading →

Fall For You

If ever there were a time of year where life slows down for all the right reasons, it is the fall.  The name itself is indictive of winding down and settling in.  The days get shorter and nights longer, the trees are in their final dress rehearsal before the winter's rest.  The world seems to... Continue Reading →

Finding Solace

Solace is defined as comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. Recently, I posted to my personal Facebook page about an experience I had with finding solace.  Days before the post I had been struggling.  This struggle was a familiar one; feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, confusion,  onset of crying, and silence.  Yep,... Continue Reading →

How to Own Rejection

No one in the history of ever has moved through this life without a slap from rejection. From Beyonce' to Einstein, to you and me, rejection is part of the journey. What sets successful people like Queen Bey apart is how they handle rejection. Understanding that rejection is an opportunity and not a scarlet letter... Continue Reading →

Dear Universe…I’m Back!

Confession is good for the soul…. I must confess that I almost gave up on my dreams. Yes, girl you read that correctly. Normally, at the end of the year I get extremely excited about the upcoming New Year, as it translates to fresh starts and plenty of new beginnings. However, as I closed out... Continue Reading →

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